Ghana: Constitutional Review - It Must Fix Flaws in Society - Justice Brobbey [Articles & Interventions News Feature]

Constitutional review should not tackle only one arm of government but also the others as well as all the flaws in society, says a retired Supreme Court Judge, Mr. Justice Stephen Alan Brobbey. According to Justice Brobbey, there is the need for a wider stakeholder engagement and thinking on the review in order not to focus on only one aspect of governance such as the judiciary to the neglect of all the flaws in society that needed to be fixed. "If you have the chance to review the constitution, don't only concentrate on the judges but the sort of redundancies we have in society that we can correct and if you do that, you will have a few questions to answer," he explained...

Source: https://www.ghanaiantimes.com.gh/constitutional-review-it-must-fix-flaws-in-society-justice-brobbey/

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