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We can’t leave fight against corruption to an unwilling gov’t
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the leader of the Progressive Nationalists Forum (PNF), Richard Nyamah, says the war on corruption cannot be left to government to wage.

This, he said, is because government has neither demonstrated the commitment nor the will, to fight the canker which he described as the single most important drawback on Ghana’s development.

Richard Nyamah’s petition to the president led to the removal from office of the Commissioner for the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ).

He accused Mrs. Lauretta Vivien Lamptey of “acts of serious misconduct, inappropriate exercise of office, serious misjudgement and breaches of laws and public trust.”

Ms. Lamptey paid close to $5,000 monthly rent on her plush AU Village apartment for 33 months while over $180,000 was being spent to renovate her official bungalow.

Media reports of the expenditure attracted public opprobrium for the human rights and administrative justice Commissioner.

Richard Nyamah petitioned President John Mahama to remove her from office for misconduct.

A committee established by the Chief Justice, Georgina Theodora Wood established prima facie case against her leading to her suspension.

After eight months of intense legal arguments and marathon cross-examination before the committee, a report was submitted to the president who is mandated by the constitution to uphold the recommendations of the committee.

There were questions by anti-corruption campaigners and a series of reports by Joy News asking why the president had not acted, 35 days after the report was submitted to him.

Wednesday, evening the president accepted the committee’s recommendations and removed Ms. Lamptey from office as CHRAJ Commissioner.

Commenting on the decision on Joy FM’ Super Morning Show, the petitioner, Richard Nyamah praised his lawyer, Samson Lardy Anyenini for his hard work and sacrifices that produced the result.

He said the case proved to him that all Ghanaians must actively play a role in the fight against corruption and official misconduct in the country.

He said he had dealt with the anti-graft and human rights agency since 2009 and had come to the conclusion that the commission is incapable of shouldering the responsibility imposed on it by the constitution to protect human rights, fight corruption and enhance administrative justice.

“They don’t have the requisite lawyers, they don’t have investigators, and they have the resources to follow up on cases,” he said.

Richard Nyamah said when he filed petitions against Mahama Ayariga and another at CHRAJ, “I had to rely on my own lawyers and investigators as if I was the institution.”

Ordinarily CHRAJ is supposed to conduct its own investigations using its owners and investigators when citizens bring petitions and complaints against public office holders.

But according to Richard Nyamah, the Commission under Ms. Lauretta Lamptey was unable to do this, rendering it virtually ineffective.

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