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GACC calls for urgent passage of Whistle Blower Amendment Bill



The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) is advocating for the urgent need for parliament to pass the Whistle Blower Amendment Bill to give protection and confidence to persons who courageously report acts of corruption to the Office of the Special Prosecutor.


The Coalition says when the bill is finally passed, it will also advocate for a fund to be made available to give some financial support to persons who report acts of corruption.


The Executive Secretary of GACC, Beauty Emefa Narteh, disclosed this at a public forum on the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) Act in Tamale.


The forum was organized to educate Civil Society Organizations, private sector players, ministries and departments, religious groups and the media on the mandates and operational structure of the Office of the Special Prosecutor.


It was also an opportunity to discuss the legislative process and map out advocacy strategies for further engagement on the ACT. Participants were taken through topics such as the OSP Act, the process of appointment of Governing Board and Deputy and how citizens can send report in terms of whistle blowing and the protection they will receive under the Act.


In an interview with GBC's Savannah News, Mrs. Narteh said the country has not done too well in the fight against corruption therefore setting up structures such as the OSP in place will help prosecute corruption offences.

This, she indicated, will serves as a natural deterrent in itself because citizens will then appreciate that when a person is caught embezzling state funds, the law will be applied squarely and the culprit will be punished for engaging in the act.


She reiterated the need for citizens to understand this process so that Ghana will have corruption as a high risk venture and this will prevent others from engaging in the act.


Mrs. Narteh encouraged the public to support the process by reporting and providing evidence on corrupt practices that they witness to the office and more importantly be bold to say no to corruption.

She allayed fears of possible risk to whistleblowers and disclosed that there is a Witness Protection Bill which is currently before parliament and when passed, it will give full protection and safety to whistleblowers and witnesses.

The Regional Director, National Commission for Civic Education, Alhaji Abdul- Razak Saani, said the state has failed to bring to the fore, for the understanding of the ordinary citizen, the economic effect of corrupt.


He said the state cannot win the fight against corruption with laws and structures alone but rather the urgent need for government to bring on board active citizen’s participation.

He indicated that his outfit will continue to do its bid to reach out to a larger population on the issue adding that NCCE is currently rolling out a program with support from the European Union dubbed “Anti-Corruption, Rule of Law and Transparency”,(ARAT) to complement the effort of government and stakeholders in the fight.


The forum was collaboration with the Ghana centre for Democratic Development, CDD-Ghana and the Ghana Integrity Initiative, GII, with funding from the Open Society Initiative for West Africa, OSIWA.








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