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APNAC demands CHRAJ inquiry into Bagbin's "inconvenient truth"

Anti graft campaigner, Daniel Batidam says the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) must investigate allegations by former Majority Leader that Members of Parliament take bribes.

Mr. Alban S.K. Bagbin alleged that some of his colleague parliamentarians accept bribes to articulate the views of some individuals and organizations on the floor of Parliament.


Speaking at a workshop organized by Star Ghana over the weekend in Koforidua for NGOs and MPs, Mr. Bagbin stated: “The reality is that MPs are Ghanaians and there is evidence that some MPs take bribes and come to the floor and try to articulate the views of their sponsors".


"This is because in Ghana we have not developed what we call lobbying.There are rules; there are ethics regarding lobbying and we in Ghana think that lobbying is taking money, giving it to MPs and writing pieces for them to go articulate on the floor. That is bribery,” he explained.


Mr. Bagbin later told Adom FM Monday, his words were taken out of context and insists he was misquoted.


The Executive Director at African Parliamentarians' Network Against Corruption (APNAC) Daniel Batidam however insisted, CHRAJ must investigate the claims.


"Once it is corruption, they [CHRAJ] don't actually need anybody to go to them and lay a complaint; they can use the words of the Hon. MP [Bagbin] to start an investigation," he said on the Joy FM Midday News.


Asked earlier by Bernard Nasara Saibu, host of the Super Morning Show what he makes of the "confession by Bagbin", Mr. Batidam said the MP had only spoken about what had been inconveniencing him for ages.


"You call it a confession?," he retorted.


"This is an inconvenient truth...There is no revelation in what Hon. Bagbin has said. He has just decided that he is just going to put something he is struggling with in the public domain so that we'll see how we can help them get out of it.


"When you are a representative of people, you also represent the people's value ...[but] if you end up becoming what the society doesn't want you to be ...then you are becoming an outlaw...Parliamentarians must be seen to be taking steps to clear their own integrity".


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