Our Impact

Enhancing Accountability through LANETs >

Evidence from the various Local Accountability Networks (LANets) suggest that Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition’s effort to promote transparency and accountability in the disbursement and usage of the Covid-19 fund is yielding results.


From Reactive to Proactive Disclosure; Public Officials’ Mindset Change Leads to Increased Disclosure and Contract Monitoring >
The local governance system is faced with issues of limited participation, more so, the depth of engagement is gradually shrinking.
Contracts Monitoring Training: A Bridge to an Empowered Citizenry >
An informed citizen contributes to the shaping of a country’s development. Section 1 (1) of Ghana’s Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2019 (Act 989) gives every citizen the right to ask for any information that is held by public institutions, including private institutions performing a public function in Ghana, whereas section 1 (2) requires that all public institutions must make it easy for the public to obtain information.

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