Ashanti chiefs are neck-deep into doing galamsey, confesses Otumfuo Ahenenana Hene [Articles & Interventions News Feature]

From the attached video clip, the Otumfuo Ahenenananom Hene Nana Kwame Mensah-Bonsu, asserts on authority that most of the Ashanti Region paramount chiefs, Abrempon and sub-chiefs are all into doing extensive galamsey. No wonder that the national fight against galamsey is yielding no positive results but faltering.
It is a shame that these chiefs who are supposed to protect the water bodies, virgin forests, arable and fertile lands and our cocoa farms for the survivability and sustainability of Ghanaians are rather those destroying them for their selfish parochial interests of getting super rich overnight and by illegal means.
I will come back to treat this topic extensively another time as today is the funeral of my father-in-law, the late Hon. Philip Basoah, the Member of Parliament for Kumawu Constituency, hence being without much interest in writing any article. Nevertheless, let me convey to the attention of Ghanaians the import of the statements made by Nana Mensah-Bonsu in the video...
Source: https://www.modernghana.com/news/1232128/ashanti-chiefs-are-neck-deep-into-doing-galamsey.html

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