IMF deal: Govt seeks support to fight corruption, ensure transparency [Articles & Interventions News Feature]

The government has requested technical assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to enable it to help promote, governance, transparency and fight corruption as the $3 billion bailout programme kicks in.

In what is expected to assuage the fears of sections of the public as to whether the government will be able to jealously protect the funds from the Breton Wood institution, the programme is expected to help the government to conduct what has been described as a Governance Corruption Diagnostic Assessment which will be used as input into the ongoing efforts to update the National anticorruption Action Plan.

According to a brief published by the IMF, it said the programme will also help to address weaknesses in the existing asset declaration system for public officials, by enacting a new Conduct of Public Officers Act. 

Consequently, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), with support from IMF technical assistance, is developing a plan with the aim to improve the professional standards of tax administration in Ghana...

Source: https://www.graphic.com.gh/business/business-news/imf-deal-govt-seeks-support-to-fight-corruption-ensure-transparency.html

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