Political parties have no power to dictate to MPs – CDD Boss on criticism of NDC MPs [Headline News]

Executive Director of the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development CDD-Ghana Prof. Henry Kwasi Prempeh has reiterated his argument that political parties have no power to dictate to Members of Parliament (MPs) how to vote on issues in Parliament notwithstanding the fact that the MPs went to Parliament these political and are their members. He explained MPs cannot be commandeered to vote in a particular way by their political parties, describing such actions by political parties as a democratic perversion. “Political parties have no right to command or compel MPs of their party to cast a vote a particular way on specific matters that come before Parliament. While they are elected on a party ticket and caucus as a party in Parliament, MPs do not sit in Parliament as delegates of the party on whose ticket they got elected or even of the local constituents that voted to put them in Parliament…

Source: https://myinfo.com.gh/2023/03/political-parties-have-no-power-to-dictate-to-mps-cdd-boss-on-criticism-of-ndc-mps/

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