Research and Advocacy

Conducts research on corruption related issues and carry out advocacy for policy and legislative reforms.

Public Sensitization and Mobilization

Sensitizes the public on effects of corruption on development, anti-corruption laws and avenues for seeking redress and mobilise a critical mass of people to combat corruption.

Training & Capacity Building

Builds capacity of a broad range of stakeholders on advocacy strategies to demand transparency, accountability and to promote good governance.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Conducts monitoring and evaluation exercises on the implementation of Anti-Corruption laws and Processes in Ghana.

Social Accountability

Promotes citizens’ participation in local governance to enhance local level transparency and accountability through the Local Accountability Networks (LANets) initiative.


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Votes & Money: They make a lot of promises before they enter office, but the moment they do reality strikes them

- Mary Awenlana Addah [Ghana Integrity Initiative] #JoySMS

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