Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)

The IEA is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental and politically non-partisan public policy think-tank was founded in 1989 with a view to broadening the debate on public policy, endangering private sector-led economic growth and strengthening the pillars of democracy.


The ultimate mission of the IEA is to promote good governance, democracy and a free and fair market economy in Ghana and Africa as a whole.


The IEA believes that the creation of an environment in which economic, social, political and legal institutions function openly and freely, is key to the attainment of sustainable economic growth and human development.




  • To serve as a centre for policy analysis and public education
  • To provide a forum/platform for the exchange of ideas
  • To promote research and publication on important economic, socio-political and legal issues so as to enhance the understanding of public policy.
  • To strengthen local capacity in Ghana by providing training to institutions such as Parliament, the Judiciary, the media and Civil Society, thereby enhancing their oversight capabilities and enabling them to perform their roles as watchdogs of the society.
  • To promote economic reasoning and understanding of a world of scarcity and trade-offs.
  • To monitor and provide an in-depth analysis of the progress toward democratic consolidation in Ghana and in the West African sub-region.
  • To translate academic research and analysis on selected policy issues into available and readable information and make recommendations for the attention of policy makers


In a nutshell, the Institute of Economic Analysis is simultaneously


  • A centre for policy analysis
  • A forum for exchange of ideas
  • A resource centre for public education


As part of its efforts to achieve good governance and the entrenchment of multi-party democracy, IEA carries out periodic assessments of the quality of governance, and the performance of parliament

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