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Set up mediation committee to resolve Bawku conflict – CSOs to Gov’t >

The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) is calling on the government to set up an independent mediation committee to resolve the Bawku conflict as soon as possible.

According to the CSOs, they concerned about the Bawku conflict and deeply troubled about the recent happenings in relation to the conflict.“We are deeply concerned about the high probability of the situation degenerating into a violent situation beyond the Bawku area. We are calling on all parties, including the Mamprusi and the Kusasi, to cease fire and resort to dialogue to ensure peace.

“We also call on the Government of Ghana to urgently constitute an independent mediation committee to support existing processes to find a lasting resolution to the protracted conflict in Bawku in the Upper East Region,” the Coalition appealed in statement dated March 15, 2023.

They continued: “As CSOs working in the area and on peace and security issues at various levels, we are cognizant of the protracted and complex nature of the Bawku conflict, as well as the political undertones that drive the conflict and trigger violence in the area every time.”...

CSOs committed to ensuring success of parliamentary democracy – CDD >

The Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) says civil society organizations (CSOs) are committed to ensuring the success of Ghana’s parliamentary democracy through collaboration and healthy engagements. Mr. Paul Aborampah Mensah, Programmes Manager, CDD Ghana, in a solidarity message at the launch of the 30th Anniversary of Ghana’s Parliamentary Democracy in Accra, said prior to the Fourth Republic, Parliament was a branch of Government with the most disrupted life in Ghana’s constitutional and political history.
“It was a victim of the coups d’état of February 1966, January 1972, and December 1981.” He said Parliament resumed its life in the Fourth Republic on a less than optimistic note, as the decision of the New Patriotic Party to boycott the December 1992 parliamentary elections robbed the first Parliament of an official opposition party…


Cost of selecting Presidential Candidates in Ghana for political parties: The other side of The Corruption >

We Need to Question All Things Now as Our Electoral Process Is One Colossal Political Juggernaut For Corruption From Grassroots Level Hence The Compulsive Need For Urgent Electoral Reforms. A story is reported on GhanaWeb about a call by my old-time Kumasi brother and friend, Dr. George Ayisi Boateng, former Ghana’s High Commissioner to the Republic of South Africa, to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) leadership to ‘investigate and punish Hon. Kwabena Owusu Aduomi, former Member of Parliament for Ejisu, who is accused of participating in an alleged bribery.

This definitely is a TEST CASE that I would support for a logical conclusion of the matter for several reasons, including negative impingement upon our 4th Republican democratic dispensation in the matter of BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION to influence electoral results…

I cannot weed out corruption but will make it costly – Special Prosecutor >
Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng says his office cannot entirely eradicate corruption in the country. Mr. Agyebeng said although he is aware weeding out corruption totally is an unattainable feat; he is prepared to make corruption costly for individuals to be engaged in the act.
Simba Ghana launches anti-corruption project for youth >
Simba Ghana, a youth empowerment, governance and peacebuilding non-governmental organization, has launched a youth empowerment project to help young people participate in the fight against corruption in the country.
Building Strategic Partnership for improved education and healthcare delivery in West Africa >
West Africa partners under the project, “Uniting constituencies to fight corruption in health and education in West Africa i.e., Sierra Leone, Benin and Ghana” with funding from OSIWA  have expressed joy and satisfaction over skills and knowledge sharing received from Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition.
Enhancing Accountability through LANETs
From Reactive to Proactive Disclosure; Public Officials’ Mindset Change Leads to Increased Disclosure and Contract Monitoring
Contracts Monitoring Training: A Bridge to an Empowered Citizenry

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