To put in place anti-corruption measures in order to curb the canker
Legislative reforms to tackle corruption

Establishment of the Office of Special Prosecutor

The OSP Act, 2017 (Act 959) enacted although there are no Regulations to the Act. A Board of Directors was only appointed and inaugurated in July 2018.

The Beneficial Ownership Transparency

The Companies Code was amended by the NDC but there are no Regulations to operationalise it. In fact, the RGD has indicated that it has no resources to implement it. 

To amend the Public Officers (Disqualification and Assets Declaration) Act, 1998 (Act 550) to ensure an effective assets declaration regime

Yet to be seen. No Bill has been laid before Parliament

To enact the Code of Conduct Bill

Bill not yet laid before Parliament

To enact the Right to Information Bill

Bill currently before Parliament and has gone through second Reading and currently at the consideration stage.

To cap and streamline the use of statutory funds - capping them to 25%.

Earmarked Funds Capping and Realignment Act, 2017 (Act 947).

The NPP government will amend the relevant sections of the Criminal Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29) to make corruption a felony

There is no Bill before Parliament to make this amendment

The NPP government will reform laws to set time limits within which an appointing authority must fill any vacancy or confirm a person acting in that office where that institution has a watchdog role

No Bill for reforming the laws to allow this to happen has been presented to Parliament. There are also still persons in acting positions

The NPP government will introduce legislation to improve prevention, detection, reporting, investigations and prosecution of corruption cases

The OSP law has been enacted to improve the prevention, detection, reporting, investigations and prosecution of corruption cases.

The NPP government will bring to an end the prevailing regime of impunity, where people found to have stolen or fraudulently benefited from public funds are merely requested by the Attorney General to refund same on their own terms or are sheltered at the Office of the President

There has been demonstrated commitment on this, especially with regards to current government’s appointees accused of corruption. However, there are a few cases involving appointees of the previous government before the courts.

The NPP government will ensure the implementation of the recommendations of the Auditor General and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament

Yet to be seen. Some Audit Committees have been set up and are operating but the PAC is yet to invite the members of the ACs to appear before them to brief them on progress towards ensuring the implementation of Audit recommendations.

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