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Your vote is your power, don’t sell it – Citizens Coalition to Ghanaians

The Executive Secretary of the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition and member of the Citizens’ Coalition, Beauty Emefa Narteh, has urged Ghanaians not to sell their conscience to politicians in terms of vote buying as that situation has characterised many of the election processes in Ghana.

Ms Narteh was speaking on the sideline to Class 91.3 FM’s Volta Regional Correspondent, Kingsley Attitsogbui at the launch of the Volta Regional Chapter of the Citizens’ Coalition on the theme: ‘Building a Culture of Accountability, Safeguarding Democracy and Promoting Inclusive Development’ in Ho, held on Tuesday, 20 June, 2023.

According to her, citizens should rather get involved in democratic processes to get the right things done.

“Your vote is your power, don’t sell it. If somebody who wants your vote to become an MP is able to spend more than a million Ghana Cedis, just to come and get your vote, how is that person going to recoup that money. That is the question we should be asking ourselves…



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